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We’re located at 3900 U.S. 401 North in Fuquay-Varina, NC, one mile north of Central Harnett Hospital and six miles from Campbell University.


For more information feel free to contact us at mynewbreedchurch@gmail.com or 910-814-9202.

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New Breed church takes the health and wellness of our community very seriously. We have taken extra precaution to ensure the safety of all those who utilize our facilities. "iWave" helps in this effort on top of the other norms we have initiated with; temperature checks, social distancing, sanitizing stations and more. Please view the video to see just how iWave helps in this effort to protect our guest.



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Momma's Recipe for A Miracle


In John 2:1-11 We discover where Jesus Mother Mary instigated Jesus' initial miracle at the wedding in Cana by just following 4 ingredients to her recipe: We know  that A recipe is the magic of cooking, a recipe is simply just ingredients and instructions. If you have the right ingredients and you follow the instructions, you should be able to produce the results of the recipe, right?  It's not just enough to have the ingredients and instructions of the recipe you must lean into the resources of the relationship of the one who knows the recipe which is JESUS CHRIST.

The 4 Ingredients we get from Mary are:

1. See the problem

2. Seek the power

3. Speak to the participants

4. Scoop and Pour

You just don't need the recipe with ingredients and instructions  but you need a relationship with Jesus Christ and others! The miracle is in you! He's waiting on you to make the first step! 

prayer request

Please send all specific prayer request directly to us so that we may go to GOD together on your behalf.