The Time is now

Do you wish you could press restart on a few things? You can, and The Time Is Now. With this 12 day study, explore through the book of Haggai, God’s long-term plans for rebuilding your life today.

Is there a God? 

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  • A 12 Day Devotional!  See the description below.

    Our society places such faith in empirical reason, historical progress, and heartfelt emotion that it’s easy to wonder: What role can Christianity play in our modern lives? In this plan, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller invites skeptics to consider that Christianity is more relevant now than ever, and provides believers with inspiring reading on the importance of Christianity today. For more on this topic, buy Timothy Keller’s latest book, Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical.

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We encourage you to review the notes from week 1 of Explore God, "Does life have a purpose?

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You say you believe in God. Do you really? Do you live your life as if God is in the room, or do you assume He's not paying attention?  This four-part series walks us through a modern cultural phenomenon: the person who says they believe, but whose life bears no fruit.  This series covers these topics:
"I believe in God, but don't know Him." 
"I believe in God, but don't fear Him."
"I believe in God, but don't go overboard." 
"I believe in God, but don't trust him fully."

Ready for the next step? Try the devotional, "Who is Jesus?" 

It taps into the pivotal question asked and debated for generations: Who Is Jesus? During this devotional journey, Pastor Louie Giglio invites you to meet God in both your intellect and heart by uncovering what history and Scripture have to say about Jesus.