"recommended must reads"

We want to offer you a chance to engage and take advantage of some of the readings and resources we have available to you.

These are recommendations from pastors and members alike for your pleasure.

  • Rightnow media

    Are you looking for some wholesome Christian entertainment? Or maybe a resource on marriage or parenting? Something safe for your kids to watch?

    (We've given you free access to the biggest video Bible study library in the world.)

    RightNow Media is a resource for Christ-centered entertainment, education and inspiration. Enjoy thousands of high-quality video resources that will bless you and your whole family. Click the "logo" to check it out. Interested in a subscription (at no cost to you)? Email mynewbreedchurch@gmail.com.

  • youversion app

    Studying the Bible is important. But studying the Bible alone can be hard. The YouVersion Bible App is a free tool that offers hundreds of Bible reading plans. It even reads to you! Even better, you can study on your own or study with friends in community! Simply click the "logo" to download the app to your mobile device and then reach out to us at mynewbreedchurch@gmail.com and we’ll welcome you to study along with us. 





    In this visionary book, Operation HOPE founder and successful businessman John Hope Bryant offers a strategy for revitalizing the American dream by investing in the prosperity and education of disadvantaged communities. He exposes the historical roots of poverty, explains why the solutions tried so far have proved insufficient, and lays out what he calls the HOPE Plan, a series of straightforward, actionable steps to build financial literacy and expand opportunity. (CLICK THE IMAGE)

  • BE THE


    "When it comes to the intersection of race, privilege, justice, and the church, Tasha is without question my best teacher. Be the Bridge is THE tool I wish to put in every set of hands."  (CLICK THE IMAGE)